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Locksmiths in Fresno CA

We are a team of local locksmiths who can be found in every neighborhood in America. It is because of our prolific operations that we provide the fastest service at the most affordable rates. Whether you are stuck on a back road or you locked your keys in your car while you are at work, or you simply need someone to repair the window locks on your door, call our central hotline and we will provide an expert locksmith to your location within 30 minutes.

Fresno local locksmiths near meFresno Car Locksmith Service

    If you have ever experienced being locked out of your own car, you know how frustrating that can be. When you call our hotline, one of our operators will contact the car locksmith closest to you. Our locksmith will be at you location within half an hour to assist you on the spot.

    Our locksmiths carry the necessary tools and diagnostic equipment needed for any job. DIY jobs are not recommended, as you can cause more damage to your vehicle. Call a professional to get the job done right the first time.

    We offer the following services:

    • Car lock replacement
    • Car lock re-key
    • Lock installation
    • Alarm repair
    • Trunk opening
    • Transponder key programming

    24 Hour Locksmith for your Home

    We understand that the safety and security of your home is your top priority; keeping your possessions and your loved ones safe. Whether you have moved into a new house, or perhaps you have recently had a burglary, it is important that you know who has access to your home.

    One of the solutions we offer is to re-key all your locks, this is a process where a professional locksmith skillfully adjusts the pins in the lock, disabling previous keys; he will then cut you new keys and make copies for you on the spot. Sometimes it is recommended to replace the locks altogether, in which case our expert locksmiths can provide you with different lock options and can advise you on the best locks for your needs.

    Below is a list of the services we offer:

    • Lock replacement
    • Lock installation
    • Lock rekey
    • Security camera installation
    • Window security
    • Mailbox locks
    • Alarm repair
    • Emergency home lockout service

    Our service is available 24/7 including weekends and holidays.

    Fresno Locksmith Service for Business

    Business owners in Fresno know that they can rely on our expert locksmiths. Whether you manage an apartment complex or run an office, our services are right for you. Keeping your business safe and secure is the first step to a successful company.

    One of the popular services we offer among business owners is lock re-key. We can rekey your locks allowing your maintenance crew to use a master key that unlocks all locks. This is also necessary when you have a change of management or a fired employee; keeping track of who has access to the building can sometimes be impossible, therefore having your locks re-key is a good solution.

    Some of the services we offer:

    • Lock installation and repair
    • Lock rekey
    • Security camera installation
    • Alarm installation and repair
    • Master key
    • Key duplication

    Areas of Service

    Fresno residents and businesses know that when there is an emergency, help cannot come too quickly. That is why at Locksmiths Pros we employ local locksmiths who can be on the spot within 30 minutes. No matter your needs, we are there with the right tools and the right expertise. Fresno residents and businesses can enjoy top-notch service at the best market prices. Our Fresno locksmiths service the following zip codes:

    • 93210
    • 93234
    • 93242
    • 93602
    • 93605
    • 93606
    • 93607
    • 93607
    • 93608
    • 93609
    • 93611
    • 93612
    • 93613
    • 93616
    • 93621
    • 93622
    • 93624
    • 93625
    • 93626
    • 93627
    • 93628
    • 93628
    • 93630
    • 93631
    • 93634
    • 93634
    • 93640
    • 93642
    • 93642
    • 93646
    • 93646
    • 93648
    • 93649
    • 93650
    • 93650
    • 93651
    • 93652
    • 93654
    • 93656
    • 93657
    • 93660
    • 93662
    • 93664
    • 93667
    • 93668
    • 93675
    • 93675

    Our Mobile Locksmiths in Fresno

    When you are in a situation like a lockout, you need a mobile unit to help. The reason being, a mobile unit can reach you much faster with the tools you need. Instead of coming into a shop, a mobile unit is sent directly to your location. Mobile locksmiths near you can show up with everything you need. Our Fresno emergency services can be there for you 24\7. Whether your ignition stop working or you are locked out of your home, we are on call to help you with whatever problem you are facing. You never have to wait more than 30 minutes for someone to arrive and fix the problem.

    We understand how frightening it can be to be stuck on the side the road in the dark or to be locked out of your home late at night. We understand that such emergencies exist. Security threats not only to you but to your assets and perhaps your loved ones. That is why we work very hard to make sure that you are not alone for much longer. Once you make the phone call we will dispatch someone immediately. Car trouble is one of the many fields that we can help you with. If you lock your keys in the ignition, locked your keys in the trunk, or simply need a copy of your keys made, call our hotline. We will dispatch a mobile auto locksmith specialist to your location whether you are on a country road or in the city.

    Key Duplication Services

    If you need new keys for your house, we can help. If you need to upgrade the home security system you have, we can help with that too. If you want to understand what your current security system is, and how well it works, we can help you by conducting a security assessment to give you a better idea of what replacements or upgrades you might need. Call our hotline and we will help you to change the locks in your house, and then provide you with a new set of keys if yours have been lost or stolen.

    We can also help out if you move to a new location and simply want to rekey all of the existing locks for extra security. Our skilled technicians can show up whenever is most convenient for you. If your office needs to have locks replaced or you simply want to repair the security system you have, or you just need a bunch of new keys for an incoming increase in employees, call our hotline. We will send someone to you outside of regular business hours or whatever works best to help change all the locks in your office or to help you conduct a security risk assessment. Our commercial services are all provided by reputable, local locksmiths.

    We are available 24/7 and no matter what situation our local Fresno locksmith technicians can help.