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Quality Commercial Locksmith Services

Looking for a certified commercial locksmith to help secure your office? Keep your business protected at all times by calling upon our office locksmith experts to help you out. 

A business owner has enough to worry about, without worrying that someone will break in and steal stuff. But with all of that expensive equipment and those valuable employees, safety and security should be a top priority for anyone who runs a business. That’s why a commercial locksmith you can rely on should also be a top priority.

If you call on Locksmiths Pros, you can put your worries behind you. Our office locksmith team has the training and knowhow to handle the variety of security challenges of businesses large and small. And we’ll do the job at rates that suit your budget.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Each business has its own unique security situation, and Locksmiths Pros is prepared for all of them. If you have a large factory or a small office, we’ll be a partner in taking care of your property. For larger companies, we can help you develop a master key system that allows various levels of access to your workers. Our business locksmiths also have knowledge of a variety of lock systems, including the more complex high tech security surveillance systems. For the safety of your equipment and employees, we service:

Our commercial locksmiths are familiar with local, state and federal laws that stipulate regulations for proper employee safety.

Locksmith Services For Businesses of All Sizes and Budgets

All businesses should update their locks and security systems periodically. With employee turnover, sometimes you just can’t keep up with the keys and passes that may be out there. Business locksmiths professionals will help you assess your latest security needs and perform the work it takes to keep your business safe and secure. If you are just moving into a new building, our commercial locksmith team will advise you on the steps to take and the types of locks you need to get you up and running on Day 1. Best of all; since we work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we’ll get your job done on the weekend if necessary, so that your daily work routine has no interruptions.

That means that not only do you save because of our competitive locksmith price rates, but also because you won't have any downtime with our professional locksmith services.


Responding to Commercial Alarm System Emergencies

If you have a break-in at your business, or any sort of lock-related damage, we are on call all the time, and will respond quickly to your call. Then we’ll get your security restored and in shape to prevent any further intrusion. That goes for lockouts, too. If you’ve somehow misplaced your key, our emergency locksmiths can be there in moments to get you inside, and without any damage.

We believe in our locksmith team because we make sure they are all experienced, qualified, issured and bonded locksmith technicians and they also undergo our own stringent training programs to ensure we truly offer the premier commercial locksmith service in the US.


When you need a high quality commercial locksmith at a competitive price, call Locksmiths Pros!  


Commercial Locksmith FAQ

How is a commercial locksmith different from a residential locksmith?

A commercial locksmith at Locksmith Pros is trained in all aspects of business security and systems. Our locksmiths use the latest techniques and innovations that are in the locksmith field. Using the latest in tools and mobile vans, we provide the fastest service available. Commercial locksmiths receive special training to learn and utilize the newest innovations in the commercial locksmith arena. Residential locksmiths are also highly trained professionals but in the residential security field. All our locksmiths are expertly trained and provide locksmith services that are affordable.

What do commercial locksmiths do?

Commercial locksmiths work with businesses and establishments to meet all their security needs. The commercial locksmiths at Locksmith Pros can provide all types of locksmith services to your establishment including the following:

  • Unlock locks
  • Fix broken commercial doors
  • Install new locks on commercial doors
  • Security assessments
  • Lock re-keying
  • Master lock installation
  • Key duplication
  • Safe installation
  • Unlocking safes
  • Mass key duplication
  • Lock repairs

Do you install Arrow Keypad for our business entryway?

Yes, our commercial locksmiths install and service Arrow Keypads and other types of security systems. Using the latest technology is what our commercial locksmiths are trained in. Locksmith Pros provides the best in customer service and professional locksmiths for all your business security needs.

Do you install office window locks?

Yes, Locksmith Pros can have a commercial locksmith out for you to install those window locks. Locksmith Pros handles all forms of locks and security systems that are sold in the United States. Just call our office and we will be happy to set up a time to have the locksmith out to you that fits your schedule.

Do you provide with office lockout service?

Yes, our commercial locksmiths provide service around the clock and every day of the year. Once you place your call to our office we will have a locksmith out to you in under 30 minutes. Gone are the days of having to wait hours to have a locksmith arrive and help you.

Can you change the locks in my office to Master locks?

Yes, Locksmith Pros can have a commercial locksmith go out to your business and change the locks for you. If it is not an emergency just call one of our operators and they will help you set up a schedule that works for you. Here at Locksmith Pros, all our commercial locksmiths are certified, bonded and licensed. Over the years our commercial customers have learned that they can count on us for all their security needs at affordable prices.

Do you fix or install new office glass door locks?

Yes, Locksmith Pros can have a professional locksmith out to your business very quickly. Just call our operators and we will have a mobile commercial locksmith out to your company in under 30 minutes. Locksmith Pros provides fast and affordable service to commercial businesses. Our locksmiths use mobile vans so that the job can be completed in a timely manner. Commercial door locks are something that our locksmiths take care of daily.

We need a safe installed in our business and we need it done soon. Will Locksmith Pros help with this project?

Yes, Locksmith Pros have locksmiths that will install your safe for your business. If you need the safe in right away, please call one of our operators and we will have a commercial locksmith out to you in under 30 minutes. Our locksmiths provide excellent customer service that is affordable and reliable. If there is not a big hurry installing the safe just call us and we will set up an appointment that fits your schedule.

Why would someone need a commercial locksmith?

There are several reasons why a company or business would need a commercial locksmith. Here are just a few:

  • Locked out of office building
  • Lost keys
  • Damaged keys
  • Master lock installation
  • Re-keying projects
  • Safes unlocked
  • Mailbox lock replacements
  • Duplicate keys to be copied
  • Security alarms
  • Installation and repair of CCTV units
  • Broken key

What is the locksmith technician response time?

Locksmiths pros will have a mobile locksmith unit out to your location in under 30 minutes. In most cases, our locksmith will be at your location in about 15-20 minutes. If it is not an emergency, then feel free to contact one of our operators and we will be happy to set up an appointment with you that is the most convenient. We take pride in providing excellent customer service to all our customers.

We need locks on our business building changed fast due to a disgruntled employee who has been fired. Can your company send out a locksmith quickly?

Yes, our company can have a locksmith out to you in under 30 minutes from the time you speak to one of our staff. We provide service 24/7 and 365 days a year. Just call our office and we will have a mobile locksmith unit out to you in no time. Our commercial locksmiths are certified, bonded and insured.

Do your locksmiths install CCTV units?

Yes, our commercial locksmiths install and repair all types of CCTV units. The locksmiths can provide the newest and most innovative security solutions available on the market today. We are happy to discuss all your business security needs.