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24 Hour Locksmith Bronx NY

When you need a locksmith in the Bronx, call our central hotline. Our locksmiths are local and can arrive in 30 minutes and help with any security service. Car, home or office security is our specialty, so don't hesitate to call on our Bronx locksmiths to assist you 24/7.

locksmith service in the Bronx NYOur Expert Locksmiths in the Bronx

At LocksmithsPros, our locksmiths are local and can, therefore, reach you within 30 minutes. Our legendary response time, as well as our expert locksmiths, is why Bronx residents and business owners keep us on speed dial. When you call for a locksmith, whether it is for a car or office lockout, we understand that your time is valuable and you can rely on us to get to you fast.

Our Bronx locksmith services include:

  • Master key
  • Lock re-key
  • Lock installation and repair
  • Alarm system
  • Window and glass door locks
  • Mailbox locks
  • Gate lock installation
  • Safe installation
  • Storage unit security
  • 24-7 emergency lockout service

Professional Unlock Services in the Bronx

If you happen to get locked out of your home, or misplaced the keys to the office, or perhaps you just want a routine security check on your home to ensure your safety, our locksmiths at LocksmithsPros can assist you. Our locksmiths come prepared for any situation, carrying all the necessary tools and equipment for any security job, so that they can solve your problem on the spot. Whether its lock installation, lock re-keying or regaining entrance after getting locked out of your home or car, our locksmiths have got you covered.

Key Duplication in the Bronx

If you have recently moved you have no way of knowing how many individuals have received a key copy before you move in. For this reason, you might want to get a new set of keys to your house, and we can do it for low locksmith rates. There are plenty of situations where you might be limited in terms of changing the physical hardware. Apartments or renters, for example, might not be able to change the locks themselves but can still call on our locksmith services to rekey the locks so that only the new set of keys will open it.

Security Assessments

We can also send somebody to give you a security assessment for the locks you have at your new residence. You want to make sure that all of the locks you use are manufactured with high-quality components and have strong gauge deadbolts. If you do not have this we can certainly help you to install it.

Areas of Service:

  • 10453
  • 10457
  • 10460
  • 10458
  • 10467
  • 10468
  • 10451
  • 10452
  • 10456
  • 10454
  • 10455
  • 10459
  • 10474
  • 10463
  • 10471
  • 10466
  • 10469
  • 10470
  • 10475
  • 10461
  • 10462
  • 10464
  • 10465
  • 10472

Car Locksmiths in the Bronx

Our team of car locksmiths is located throughout the Bronx, allowing them to reach you in under 30 minutes. In emergency situations, you want to know that your locksmith is reliable and can be counted on to get to you fast.

Your car locks undergo a lot of wear and tear and therefore need regular servicing. Call now and schedule a time that is convenient for you, for one of our locksmiths to come by. It is not recommended to try repairing or re-keying locks yourself, as this is a job that requires a professional, and you can end up causing damage to your car locks. Our skilled locksmiths are professionally trained and have years of experience.

Local Bronx NY LocksmithsSome of the services we offer are:

  • Car lock replacement
  • Car lock re-key
  • Alarm repair
  • Trunk opening
  • Transponder key programming
  • 24-7 Emergency lockout service

Whichever model car you drive, we have a locksmith for you.

Bronx New York Commercial & Residential Locksmith Service

While locks have been used to provide your home and business with adequate security, increases in higher security demand and technology have allowed for a residential and commercial locksmith to provide better services. One of the best improvements you can make as a business owner is to install the most appropriate security locks on your doors. Whether you have a small or large building, and whether you want to restrict the freedom of movement for your employees within your building or allow free movement, commercial grade security locks is a great way to achieve this especially when you use a master key system.

MasterKey System Installation

One of the best things about the master key system is that you can hire our commercial locksmith to make several combinations for the master key system which guarantees better security. The best part of this system is that your master key can be rekeyed as often as you want. So if you replace your janitor or you have an employee who retired you never have to change the physical hardware for your building but instead can simply change the keys.

The size of office buildings and corporations has increased over the last few decades in addition to the number of people living in different apartment buildings. As such having a master key system allows you to restrict and regulate access to each individual space. You can restrict access to certain office buildings run by any type of corporation so that janitorial staff can access only what you want them to access. The same can be said for apartments.

With our commercial locksmith services, we can help you to set up a master key system. The master key allows you to open several locks in a single building without compromising the ability to unlock each area using a unique key. As a property owner, you need to have access to every office you rent as well as every facility or storage unit on the premises. But you also need to be able to provide individual keys and individual access for each renter. With the master key service, you can do just that.

    Emergency Locksmiths in the Bronx 

    If you are in an emergency lockout situation, do not panic, just call our hotline and our customer care representative will dispatch the locksmith closest to your location to assist you. This is not the time to start calling everyone you know, trying to locate your spare key, our locksmith can be there in under half an hour and solve your problem. Our locksmiths will make sure everything is in order, whether they need to replace your locks or cut new keys for you, they have the tools to do this on the spot. Our service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays.

    Call us now for the fastest and cheapest local locksmith services in your Bronx neighborhood!